Browser for Rhetoric Topics

Jonathan has now made a browser for rhetoric and composition topics. Click on a truncated topic on the list, and you see the full topic, a graph showing its career in the journals, and a list of the articles most closely associated with it. Each title on the list is a link directly to the article in JSTOR. Preliminary findings:

1. I wouldn't have guessed that the articles most closely associated with television film radio tv popular media movie movies news magazine films newspaper magazines sports newspapers entertainment advertising examples pictures would be published between the years of 1950 and 1979, but there you go.

Also, I'm finding so many articles I wouldn't have found otherwise, including Macrorie's "A Literature Without Criticism" from the above list.

2. Another interesting-to-me topic was attack defense attacks liberal favor conservative defend political responsibility failed attacked standards accused faith claim typical education attacking dismissed, where I found two articles by Donald Lazere that I'd never read. These articles will help me with some work I'm doing right now with agonistic argumentation.

I encourage all of you to poke around in the browser; that's the best way to understand what all the topic modeling fuss is about.