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Maybe this will go out on RSS

Still having a boatload of trouble with my site and hosting service. I just put my site back up, but it looks like the server is overloaded again, and I bet they're going to yank it again in the next hour or so. I am going to resolve this matter, even if it means doing something drastic, like moving to TypePad and then figuring out where to go from there with regard to my archives.

CSS issue

Can any CSS gurus help? WHAT is that annoying line right across my blog, under the banner image, partially obscured by the bottom of the banner image? I'd look it up in Firebug, but I can't seem to select just that line and the area right around it. And I've gone over and over the CSS code and can't find the problem there. I've gone into the code and put "border = 0;" every time there was a border, and that didn't fix it. Anyone have an answer?

Edited to add: I changed a few settings for the padding/margins, and now it looks a little better, even though the line is still there. At least it's not a broken line now, not unless you click on the permalink for a post, anyway.

Testing the Scheduler Module

Hopefully it will work now that I've upgraded to 5.1...that is, if my site is still even up by then.

Stats for my host's server:

Server Load 2.16 (4 cpus)
Memory Used 44.5 %

That's including my site AND the other sites sharing space on that server, and I hope there are lots of these.

And we're back

I'm now using Drupal 5.1 and waiting to see if my hosting service will yank me again. I also deleted all seven of my subdomains, so my resource usage ought to decrease at least a little. Hopefully I'll be okay for a while. I'm working on the theme issue; I know it looks ugly right now, and I hate it as much as you do.


I want to see if I can queue up items to post to my blog on a future date. See, Jonathan and I are renting a house in Cedar Island, and we'll be gone for a week. I don't want to go that long without blogging if I can help it.

Under "Authoring information," I'm just setting it to post one hour from now. We'll see if it's successful. If that's not the way to do it, I'm not sure what is, but I'd like to know.

ETA: Sigh. Didn't work.

UPDATE: To those of you who have emailed me about this, thanks for taking an interest. I installed the scheduler module and enabled it, but when I tried to test it, I didn't see anything under Create content --> story --> Authoring information or Publishing options. So I investigated and then found this bit of information:

[The scheduler] module allows nodes to be published and unpublished on specified dates. If JSCalendar is enabled (part of the JSTools module), a popup Javascript calendar is used to select the date and time for (un)publishing of nodes, otherwise it defaults to text input.

I looked into the the JStools module, but it's unclear to me that it would work with the version of Drupal I have (one of the 4.7.x ones). I don't know what a development snapshot is, so I don't want to download it.

Does anyone know what they mean by "otherwise it defaults to text input"?

Give Sharon a Hand

Calling Planet Drupal and other experts -- Sharon could use a little help. I'll admit that I don't know how to install or upgrade Drupal myself; other people do it for me. I say that if Sharon actually installed Drupal herself, she's plenty tech savvy, and I'm impressed. From her post:

Perhaps the answers to my questions could be summed up with "People who aren't tech savvy ought not to be using Drupal," but I'm going to ask anyway. Does anyone have suggestions for ways to simplify the use of Drupal.

I'd like to add modules for wysiwyg text editing and other user-friendly options. I've found the Drupal handbooks and the Drupal discussion groups and reviews of various add-ons. The instructions themselves are not all that intuitive, though, and they seem to presume that they don't have to list all of the necessary steps in the process because anyone using this software would only need a brief prompt in the right direction.

About the wysiwyg text editor, I know Kairosnews used to have that, but I looked in the modules and couldn't find it. Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough or wasn't looking in the right place, though. Did something happen to that feature? (Cross-posted)

DRU-puhl or dru-PAHL?

How do you pronounce it? (Extra credibility conferred upon you if you're from Belgium and know Dries Buytaert personally.)

Creating new accounts

Due to some spam commenting, I've arranged it so that I have to approve new accounts before they're active. Sometimes I'm not sure if the email addresses and names are legitimate or not, so if you want to create an account, send me an email in addition to creating the account just quickly introducing yourself. Sorry for the trouble, but I'm not sure what else to do about it.

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